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For those looking to engage an audience with photos, Instagram an offers opportunity to communicate with users on multiple platforms with regularity.

Instagram Naming Conventions:

Naming Instagram sites should center around searchability, as Googles search engine is designed to pull up sites based on key word relevance.

Instagram acceptable naming conventions include:

  • ArkansasTech
  • ATU

When using these conventions, they should be followed with more specific information about the area.

For example:

  • Alumni: ArkansasTechAlumni
  • Volleyball: ATUVolleyball
  • Athletics: ArkansasTechAthletics

Accessing Social Media Pages

Because Arkansas Tech remains the owner of the Arkansas Tech brand, it is crucial that university officials are able to easily access a site should the need to do so arise. Readily available access serves as a way to protect the brand.

Since Instagram does not support multiple administrators, all entities using Instagram should supply the account information (username and password) to the email address

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