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The Student Services staff members at Arkansas Tech University are dedicated to helping students accomplish academic and personal goals. We recognize that students are individuals who may need assistance in clarifying or establishing goals, as well as help in eliminating the barriers which may hinder their academic progress.

Our departments are designed and constantly evolving to complement our academic programs and enhance the total educational experience. Providing quality student services and student development opportunities defines the role of the Student Services staff at Tech.


  • Russellville Parks and Recreation expands, changes

    Russellville can look forward to new expansions in regards to various recreational, park, and civil related issues with the appointment of Arkansas Tech’s own Dr. Theresa Herrick to the Russellville Recreation and Parks Commission (RP Commission).

  • Tutoring Center revises tactics

    The Doc Bryan Tutoring Center has revised its schedule for the spring semester in an effort to be as helpful and accessible to students as possible.

  • ATU bans use of hoverboards

    Reports of numerous fires involving self-balancing scooters, more commonly known as hoverboards, has prompted the recent ban of these devices on the Arkansas Tech University campus.

  • Empower women to be leaders

    Kristen Hadeed, a graduate of the University of Florida and founder of the company Student Maid, will be the keynote speaker at the second annual Women’s Leadership Conference on Saturday, March 12, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.



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