The LEAD Academy is a leadership development program at Arkansas Tech. It is designed to prepare students to take on leadership roles within the campus, community, and in their futures by discovering individual strengths and applying leadership techniques. Each of the three phases allow students to examine how they approach leadership and learn skills to enhance their experiences.

Click here for more information about our Aspiring Leader and Leader Identified tracks within On Track.  

Emerging Phase

The Emerging Phase is a seven week program designed to let students experience a hands on leadership exercise and discover their strengths as well as how to interact with others' strengths.  The Emerging Phase is offered each fall and must be completed before students may complete the Advancing or Developing phases.  

Applications for the Fall 2014 Emerging Phase will be available over the summer.  Applications are due September 10, 2014.  

Advancing Phase

The Advancing Phase is the second phase of the program and is open to those who have completed the Emerging Phase. It is a seven week program offered each spring to help students advance their skills as a leader with emphasis on cultivating successful relationships and developing their own leadership philosophy.

An activity included in this phase is called This I Believe. It encourages students to identify what they believe in as they develop as leaders. Click HERE to read some of their statements.

If you would like to learn more about the This I Believe program, please visit http://thisibelieve.org/.

Developing Phase

The Developing Phase is the third, and final, phase of the program. Students participating in this phase must have completed both the Emerging and Advancing Phases. This seven week program offered each fall challenges students to develop the skills they learned in the previous stages into their own personal leadership identity.

Fall Semesters - Emerging and Developing Phases

Spring Semesters - Advancing Phase


Click the video below to find out more about the annual Freshmen Leadership Retreat.  

Love adventure? Love getting involved? Love meeting new people? Check out the Freshmen Leadership Retreat! This overnight retreat allows freshmen to make connections with other Tech students interested in becoming a leader and helps them identify how they can begin making their mark at Tech. Students will participate in low and high ropes activities while learning how to make the most of the college experience.

Note: Travel, lodging, meals, and activities are at no cost to the student. The overnight retreat is located in Mt. View, AR. For more information on Loco Ropes, visit http://locoropes.com/.

Application information for the Fall 2014 retreat will be available over the summer.  For questions, call the Office of Student Life at 479.968.0276 or email studentlife@atu.edu.