Fall 2013 Required RSO Training Videos

Prior to approval, Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) must view the Tegrity video of the required Annual Student Organization Meeting/Anti-Hazing Training.
In order for an RSO to be completely registered, anyone holding a leadership position within the RSO must complete this training. If someone in your RSO has not completed this training, they would need to watch the video and complete the form below.
  • To watch the video, log in to Blackboard and click on "Courses" at the top. On the left is a "Course Search" box. Type in "Office of Student Life," click the arrow, and then "enroll." Inside the 'course' there is a tab on the left titled "Videos." The video is available there. We will be able to see when a specific user has accessed the video and how long it was viewed.
  • After watching the video, please complete the following form on theLink under Forms on the Student Life page: This will allow us to attribute the person watching the video to the appropriate RSO.