Committee Members
David Moseley
Charlie Gagen
Dr. Eldon Clary
Dr. Mostafa Hemmati
Carol Trusty
Debra Fithen
Sandy Cheffer
Kevin Soloman
Dr. Shelia Jackson

Strategic Planning Goal Three
Develop the Physical Plant to be appropriate to the University mission

Plan for new construction to include sufficient parking with an eye toward solid growth and program efficiency.

  • Advising/classroom building

  • McEver addition

  • Physical Plant building

  • Renovate Critz and Hughes buildings

  • Construct additional housing facilities as needed

Develop a master plan for maintenance to include funding and physical plant personnel to adequately provide maintenance and custodial needs.

  • Have the Physical Plant operation evaluated by outside consultant

Continue implementing a master plan for the use of campus facilities including critical maintenance issues.

  • Ozark Campus Master Plan

  • New Classroom

  • Upgrade or construct athletic facilities

  • Renovate existing educational and general buildings and housing facilities

  • Address critical maintenance issue as funds are made available

  • Continue upgrading campus landscaping and grounds and where possible have green areas.

  • Build a Student Union

Establish a maintenance technology system that will provide information concerning the status of projects and other operational issues.

  • Evaluate campus utility usage with the intent to maximize efficiency

  • Electronic work orders and accessible data base

  • Interactive website for each major construction project

  • Convert all building plans to a digital format