Committee Members
Dr. Gary Biller
Jack Hamm
Dr. Jerry Forbes
Dr. Jim Walton
Dr. Brenda Montgomery
Dr. John Krohn
Dr. Jeff Robertson
Dr. Mary Gunter

Strategic Planning Goal Two
Improve enrollment management by focusing on student success

Create a Freshmen Unit.

  • Focus on continuous improvement of services to students

  • Create a seamless first year experience including orientation and advising

  • Increase individual student and faculty contact time

Establish annual institutional enrollment goals with appropriate financial aid and other assistance to support these goals.

  • Focus on improving the quality of our students

  • Make student enrollment process easier for students (user-friendly)

  • Review admission requirements 

Revise Career Services with focus on practicums, internships, cooperative education programs, employer services and placement (internal and external).

Build an Advising/Academic facility to include tutoring, advising, testing, and space for orientation.

  • Create and staff a full service tutoring/learning resource center

Build a Student Union.