Committee Members
Dr. Jack Hamm
Daniel Bullock
John Watson
Pam Carr
Tim Smith
Susan Underwood
Linda Clarke
Kenneth Warden

Strategic Planning Goal One
Enhance the creation and delivery of first quality education services 

Enhance graduate offerings to enable Tech to achieve SREB four-year 3 status.

  • Develop and implement a Master of Engineering degree

  • Develop and implement a Master of Science in Nursing degree

  • Evaluate the number, role, and compensation of graduate assistants

Develop and implement a comprehensive master plan to increase retention and graduation rates.

  • Identify and implement strategies to increase class attendance

  • Optimize use of technology to track class attendance and monitor retention data

  • Develop a summer program to facilitate transition from high school to university

  • Focus on special needs of first generation, minority, and developmental students

  • Increase success rates in remedial courses, especially mathematics

  • Fund grants to support innovative retention projects

Increase emphasis and support for a campus culture of assessment.

  • Achieve accreditation of all eligible academic programs

  • Focus on assessment and improvement of all academic programs

  • Ensure that all academic departments have an effective assessment plan

  • Emphasize assessment and improvement of the general education program

Develop and implement a master plan for distance education.

  • Provide accessible and frequent training opportunities for faculty and students

  • Increase support for web, compressed video, and mixed technology courses

  • Publish a manual containing best practices and expectations for distance courses

  • Improve assessment of distance courses

Strengthen the development of faculty and staff human resources.

  • Continue operation of the Center for Teaching and Learning to provide faculty and staff development opportunities