Committee Members
Dr. Molly Brant
Linda Clarke
Phil Jacobs
Jayne Jones
Carol Trusty
Dr. John Watson
Beth Wilson

Driving Forces

1. Maintaining financial strength

a. Level of state and federal funding

b. Level of private fundraising

c. Alumni support of the institution

2. Assessment of student learning and accountability on all fronts

a. Graduation rates

b. Retention rates

c. Institutional accreditation

d. Program accreditation

e. Quality of student learning

f. Quality of teaching and programs

3. Competition

a. For funding

b. For students         

i. Enrollment management        

ii. Defining enrollment goals and achieving them

c. Overall public perception of Tech, Russellville & Ozark

d. Ability to place students in jobs

e. Competition for faculty and staff, recruitment, and retention

4. Capitalizing on change

a. Changes in and cost of technology

b. Global changes

c. Local, regional, and state needs for economic development

d. International student enrollment

e. Student expectations

f. Demographics of potential students

g.  Preparation of entering students

h. Baby boomer retirements in faculty and administrative ranks

i. Legislative initiatives

j. Expectations of the workforce

k. Parent expectations/involvement

l. Public perception of higher education

5. Students’ willingness and ability to pay for education

a. Room and board

b. Tuition

c. Textbooks and related materials

d. Quality and quantity of student housing

6. University Environment

a. Faculty and staff satisfaction

b. Student satisfaction and perception of value

c. Personal investment in the institution

d. Health and wellness of students, faculty, and staff

e. Potential for natural and man-made disasters

f.  Physical environment