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Terri Frost

Science Specialist

Terri Parker Frost is the science specialist for the STEM Institute; housed in Corley Hall on ATU campus. Terri is originally from Glenwood, AR; a 1984 graduate of Dierks High School; and a 1988 graduate of Henderson State University. She studied biology and chemistry. She has 21 years of experience in the educational field, having taught chemistry, physics, and physical science; coached basketball and track and worked as a science specialist for the DMEC; prior to moving to Danville, AR. She is excited to return to a position of working with teachers; providing them with opportunities to reach students and instill a love for the sciences in as many students as possible. "We are developing a country of students that are not interested in the sciences. I feel that it's due to the fact that so much emphasis is placed on literacy, with the sciences being ignored in the earlier grades; where that love of investigating and developing critical thinkers can be fostered, rather than smothered."


Sarah Burnett

Sarah Burnett

Math Specialist

Sarah Burnett is the K-12 Math Specialist for the ATU STEM Institute located in Corley 260. She grew up in Rover, AR and graduated from Plainview-Rover High School in 2003, and in 2007 graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a BS in Business Administration. She received her Masters of Arts in Teaching in 2010 from the University of Central Arkansas. Sarah received her first teaching position in 2008 at Perryville High School. In 2009 she began the year at Western Yell County High School where she taught secondary mathematics for the next 4 years. For the 2013-2014 school year, she started at Danville High School before receiving her position here at ATU. "Educators need to stop showing students the right way to answer a problem, but instead, begin them on their journey of the path they will take to find the answer. Not every student will follow the same path, but along the way students should learn the mathematics in order to critically solve a problem that is important to them. It is our duty as educators to teach children to think, not to force them to think the same way as everyone else." It is, therefore, my goal to help teachers use mathematics to instill a desire of critical thinking and problem solving in our students.