What is SSS?

Student Support Services (SSS) is all about student achievement and success. Our goal is to help you succeed at Arkansas Tech University, help you attain graduation, and gain the necessary skills to either enter the work force, or enter Graduate or Professional School. It's an opportunity for first-generation college students from low and moderate income families and/or students who have a disability to:tutoring

• Strengthen academic skills
• Develop personal confidence
• Explore majors and careers
• Build new friendships
• Make plans for the future
• Graduate!        

Eligibility is based on federally defined criteria where at least one of the following must be met:

An eligible student must need academic support and be either a US Citizen or Permanent Resident who has not yet earned a bachelor’s degree, but is committed to using SSS resources and graduating from ATU with a bachelor's degree.

What can SSS do for me once I'm in the program?
  Below is a listing of a few of the many free program services offered to SSS         

Academic Advice:

Course Selection

Choosing a Major and Career

Develop an Individual Graduation/Academic Plan

Graduate School Planning

Financial Literacy:

Assistance in filling out Scholarship Applications

Financial Planning

Economic Literacy Workshops


Workshops and Seminars


Writing, Math, Reading, and Study Skills Assistance

Connections to useful resources