Spirit Squad Tryout Application

After completing this application, please be sure to complete the following steps for the first round of the Spirit Squad tryout process.

1. Please scan and e-mail a copy of the following information to spiritsquads@atu.edu
-Current primary insurance and policy number
-Current physical examination
-5x7 headshot picture of participant only
-Have a 2.0 GPA or meet the university entry requirements (Please send a copy of transcript.)

Freshmen/Transfer Requirements:
-Proof of intent to enroll (letter of acceptance)

Current Student Requirements:
-Must be full-time student (enrolled in at least 12 hours)
-Be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University

2. Each participant should either attend the Spirit Interest Clinic or submit a video to Arkansas Tech Spirit Squad staff via YouTube showcasing their skills and technique. On the video, please include your name, high school, the squad in which you are interested, and why you want to be a Golden Girl or a Tech Cheerleader. See below for further information including the skills and technique that should be showcased on the video for each squad.

Additional Tryout Information: http://www.atu.edu/spirit/tryout.php

The link to the video must be sent with the required tryout information to spiritsquads@atu.edu at one time. Please use participant's name as the subject of the e-mail.

For any questions, please contact the Spirit Squad staff at 479.968.0276 or spiritsquads@atu.edu.

*First Name: *Last Name:
Month: Day: Year:
* If a high school student or transfer student, where were you enrolled?
*Team of Interest:
*Parent/Guardian Name:
*City:*State:*Zip Code:
*Home Phone:*Cell Phone:

Current Tech Students


Please check if you agree to the following parameters of the Spirit Squad tryout process:

*To receive a Leadership Scholarship and be selected as a member of Spirit Squads, 1) I must have a GPA of 2.0 if I am a current student. If I am a first year student or transfer student entering the university, I must meet the admission requirements of the university. 2) I must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the university. 3) I must be a full-time student (12 credit hours).
*I will provide a signed release of liability waiver for participation in tryouts. I will provide a copy of my primary insurance at the time of registration. I will pay the $30.00 fee for tryouts. (Please make checks payable to Arkansas Tech University.)
*I understand that if I am selected to be a Spirit Squad member, I will have to read and agree to the Spirit Squad contract and abide by the terms of the Scholarship agreement.
*I understand that being a member of one of the Spirit Squads is a major personal commitment of my non-academic time, and it will be considered a priority over other non-academic activities. The time commitment is for a full year (typically June to May) and includes activities throughout the summer and over winter break.
*I authorize Arkansas Tech University to release my confidential information including high school GPA and ACT scores to the Director of Campus Life.
*If I am selected for one of the squads, I hereby grant permission to release my semester and cumulative grades for as long as I am a member.