Action Days

Check out ways Arkansas Tech is connecting to the community this month with our featured Action Days.



Green & Gold Give Back 2014

When: November 8th at 8am-1pm

What: Have you ever wanted to give back to Tech or the Russellville community? This is YOUR chance to get out and make not only Tech campus a beautiful place as well as the Russellville area with a wide variety of service options. Grab a group of friends and come enjoy your morning by serving.

Contact: Emily Bradley

Location: We will be meeting at Doc Bryan at 8am, then breaking up into small groups throughout the community.

Part II

Poverty Simulation

When: November 12th at 3-6pm

Where: Young Ballroom

What: Poverty is a social issue that affects more than 15% of the American population. That means that 46.5 million United States citizens live in poverty. While often times this issue does not seem visible to all, sometimes all it takes is actually looking. By experience the Poverty Simulation, you will be able to put yourself in the shoes of someone who is living under the poverty line in the United States. You will be given money, tasks, and the main objective of keeping yourself (and your family) fed and sheltered.

Location: Young Ballroom ATU Campus

Contact: Emily Bradley