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Resident Director Spotlights

Etzel Lopez-Ortaga (First Year Resident Director)

Etzel Lopez Ortega

As a first generation college student in the U.S., it seemed impossible for me to imagine I would ever
attend graduate school. The experiences I had in my undergrad were all too impossible to recreate that I was scared I would not find the same support system and the passion I had for my undergrad institution somewhere else. I
could not have been more wrong, when I interviewed for a position with Student Services at OPE I felt the same excitement I had from each and every one of the graduate students I had the pleasure of meeting at the conference. As the weeks went by I could have not been more surprised by the warmth and welcoming nature of all the staff at Arkansas Tech. I know that the day I accepted the position was one of the biggest and best decisions I have made in my life. I have found so many people that are truly interested in my development as a professional and a student and I have found a tremendous networking system. I cannot give enough praise to Tech and all this campus has to offer. I'm proud to call myself a Golden Sun! Go tech!

Demetrice Baskerville (First Year Resident Director)

Demetrice Baskerville

As I began my search for graduate school and graduate assistantships in the Fall of 2012, Arkansas Tech University was not on my radar of potential employers.  I was contacted by Area Coordinator, Ellen Malito about the position here at Tech.  Soon after, I received a phone call from Ellen, explaining the position and the opportunities.  As a Veteran, I felt that my options for graduate school were limited, only to find that the many leadership skills that I had acquired from military service were transferable to my current position as a Resident Director.  I interviewed with Tech, February of 2013 and instantly I knew that this was a great fit for me.  I interviewed with the Associate Dean for Residence Life, Aaron Hogan, and I knew that I could see myself working for him.  Soon after, I came for an on-campus interview and fell in love with the beautiful Russellville Campus.  The coursework and my assistantship have been nothing short of amazing!  One of the most valued aspects of this program and the assistantship is that you are able to apply the theories that you learn in the classroom to students that you would work with on a daily basis!  Tech has been an amazing experience!  I am excited to call Tech home!  GO WONDERBOYS!

Barbara Braga (Second Year Resident Director)


Before attending the Oshkosh Placement Exchange, Arkansas Tech was never a school that I had looked into or was interested in. When I received the email to interview, it was surprising, but I gave it a shot; it was the best decision I could have made. The people here are phenomenal and the opportunity to run your own building, collaborate across campus, and advise student groups, all won my heart and have made me a better professional. I decided to come to Tech because there is so much happening here and I can truly be a part of a change. There are so many opportunities for personal and professional growth. As I prepare to finish my second year as a graduate student and Resident Director, I know that my choice was the best I could have made, and it was all because I decided to give a school I had never heard of a chance. I am leaving this institution prepared to be a Student Affairs professional because Tech has given me the opportunities to learn the skills I need.