News & Announcements


- Meal Plan changes begin on Monday, November 24th and continue until 5:00pm on Friday, January 16th. All meal plan change requests are processed through the housing portal. You can get there by going to

- Meal Plan change requests between Monday, November 24th and 5:00 PM on Tuesday, January 13th with be processed with no additional charges, other than the cost of the actual meal plan. Any changes requested after 5:00 PM on Tuesday, January 13th may result in additional charges. If you have any questions regarding the meal plan change process or charges, please contact Melissa Hubbard in Administrative Services at or by phone at 479-968-0697.

- The last day to request a move BEFORE the Spring semester is on December 5th by 4:00pm. You must contact your Resident Director prior to that time if you are interested in switching rooms and/or halls. The approved moves will occur between Friday, December 5th at 5:00pm and Sunday, December 7th at 5:00pm. The room change fee will be assessed for these requests. Any moves requested after that deadline will be processed after we return from winter break (Spring 2015). With graduation, transfers, and incoming students, our office cannot guarantee room availability.

- Spring 2015 move-on days begin on Monday, January 12th, 2015 and ends on Friday, January 23rd. Please contact your Resident Director if you are interested in switching rooms and/or halls at that time. The room change fee will not be assessed during this time period. Due to incoming students and graduation, we cannot process any move requests during finals and winter break.

- We will send out extended stay information to everyone via email after Thanksgiving break. This form is for those students that are interested in staying on campus during the winter break. Please keep in mind that halls close at 5:00pm on Tuesday, December 16th. Anyone staying after that time, will be required to fill out an extended stay form. Extended stay does not apply to students residing in the University Commons apartments as these do not close for winter break.

- If you are not returning for the Spring 2015, please respond to this email to let us know. Failure to let us know in writing will result in additional charges.