Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What size are the beds in my room?
    Each double room is equipped with two twin beds, both with extra-long mattresses.The single rooms are equipped with one twin bed with an extra-long mattress.The University Commons Apartments and Vista Place are equipped with a full-size bed with a standard-size mattress, in each bedroom.
  •  Is there carpet in my room?
    Stadium Suites, University Commons and Vista Place have carpet. The rest of the halls have tile or concrete floors.
  •  How big is my room?
  •  What amenities are in the room?
    Each room comes with a desk, desk chair, bed, dresser and hanging storage area.
  •  Can I bunk my bed?
    If you live in Baswell Hall, Brown Hall, Critz Hall, Hughes Hall, Jones Hall, Nutt Hall, Paine Hall, South Hall, Tucker Hall, or Wilson Hall you can. The pegs used for bunking your beds are available at the front desk of your residence hall. Please keep in mind that we have a limited number of pegs.
  •  Do the rooms have cable?
    Yes. There is one cable outlet in each room, in which basic cable is provided. Students in the University Commons may pay extra to have cable put into their individual bedrooms, it is only provided in the common area. Cable splitters, hubs, routers, or other devices that extend cable service or the campus network are prohibited.
  •  Can I have a refrigerator?
    Yes. As long as it is 3.5 cubic-feet or less.
  •  Can I have a microwave?

    Yes. As long as it is 700 watt or less.

  •  Does my room have Internet access?
    Each room offers internet access. 
  •  What if I don't have a roommate preference?
    When you complete your housing application online, you will be have the opportunity to answer personal preference questions. You can use this information to try and match with someone who has similar interests.
  •  What do I need to bring with me?
  •  Do I need to bring cleaning supplies?
    Yes. We have a wonderful housekeeping staff who cleans the common areas, including bathrooms in halls with community bath. However, you are responsible for keeping your room clean. If you live in a suite-style or private bath room, you are also responsible for cleaning your bathroom.
  •  Where do I do my laundry?
    Each residence hall has laundry facilities on site. The cost to use the laundry facilities is included in your room and board. Stadium Suites, the University Commons Apartments and Vista Place are equipped with a washer and dryer in unit.
  •  Where do I park?
    You will be issued a colored parking hang-tag from the Department of Public Safety. In order to do this, you must have your student I.D.. At this time, you will also be issued a parking guide which explains all rules and regulations for driving and parking on Arkansas Tech's campus. Residence Hall parking is enforced 24-hours-a-day. Yellow (off-campus) and red (faculty and staff) parking is open between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. (For example, if you are issued a green hang tag, at no time can you park in a brown parking lot).
  •  Where should my mail be sent?

    You will need to get a post office box from the University Post Office. The post office is located in the Young Building across the street from Chambers Cafeteria.If you have packages being delivered from UPS or Federal Express you may have them sent to:Attn: (YOUR NAME)Arkansas Tech University Office of Residence Life 1605 Coliseum Drive Suite 211 Russellville, AR 72801

    We will contact you anytime you have a package delivered and you may pick it up at the Office of Residence Life.

  •  Can I have a private room?
    The have a limited number of  private rooms in Critz Hall, Hughes Hall, M Street, Nutt Hall, Stadium Suites, Tucker Hall and Wilson Hall.
  •  What is an RA?
    RA stands for Resident Assistant. An RA is a student that lives in a university residential facility and acts as a resource for the students on their floor or in their area of the building. RAs play a key role in creating an environment for students that is conducive to academic, personal and social growth. RAs develop social, academic and cultural activities for their residents. An RA is a friend, resource, mentor, role model and community leader in their hall.
  •  Am I required to pay any additional fees?
    Each year the residence hall staffs provide their residents with over 300 academic and social programs which include anything from pizza parties, concerts, and dances to self-defense classes, alcohol and drug awareness sessions and chemistry tutoring. Your $20.00 (each term) activity fee helps to fund all of these programs.
  •  Which hall is the best?
    It depends on what your tastes are. We encourage you to check out each hall's individual web page to find out more about each hall.
  •  Can I have a guest in my room?
    Visitation hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 24 hours from 9:00 a.m. on Friday until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday. Each resident is responsible for his/her guest/visitor and should escort the guest/visitor at all times while in the residence hall or apartment, including while entering or exiting the building. This applies to same sex and opposite sex guests/visitors. Same sex guests who live in the same building as their host or hostess are allowed visitation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week provided there is no cohabitation.
  •  Can I live in the University Commons Apartments?
     Yes, if you have 30 credit hours or more, and a GPA of 2.5 or higher. The University Commons Apartments are reserved for upperclassmen students. We require all residents of the University Commons to pay a $250 deposit.
  •  What if my roommate and I don't get along?
     First, talk with your roommate about whatever it is that is bothering you. 99% of the time, problems can be worked out simply by talking about them. If that doesn't work, speak with your RA, they will sit down with both of you to facilitate communication, and they will have you fill out a roommate contract. Once you have attempted to live under a roommate contract for at least one week, if the problems have not been resolved, you may speak with the Resident Director about a room change.
  •  What if I don't get the roommate I wanted?
    Room changes are not permitted until the first class day. During "move-on days", you will have an opportunity to do room changes. However, all proper paperwork must be completed and turned in within the scheduled time period. Check with your RA to find out when "move-on days" are.
  •  When will I know who my roommate is?
    You will know who your roommate is when you select your room assignment.
  •  What if I want to live with a certain ethnic group?
    Housing assignments are made without regard to race, creed, or national origin.
  •  Do I have to have a meal plan?
    Yes, if you live in the residence halls, you are required to have a meal plan. However, those students who live in the University Commons Apartments and Vista Place are not required to have a meal plan.
  •  What is DCB?
    DCB stands for declining cash balance. These are funds attached to five of our current meal plans. DCB allows the student a variety of options and is used just like cash. DCB can be used at any of the Chartwells locations; Chambers Cafeteria, Baswell Techionery, two Grab-N-Go locations, the Convenience Store located in Doc Bryan and at all athletic event concessions.
  •  What if I run out of money on my DCB?
    Wonderbucks can be added to your Tech ID through the Student Accounts Office. Wonderbucks are funds added to your student account that can be used at any of the Chartwells locations; Chambers Cafeteria, Baswell Technionery, and the convenience store located in Doc Bryan. Wonderbucks can also be used at the Bookstore located in the Young Building, athletic event concessions, and at the library for printing. Wonderbucks can be reloaded at any time in person at Office of Student Accounts or on their website, for your convenience.
  •  Can I pay in installments?
    Every semester we offer an online payment plan that is available through your OneTech portal (Student Tab, My Account box, Setup a payment plan). You can also pay your account in full via OneTech (Student Tab, My Account box, Pay your account in full). Other options include coming in and paying the full balance with cash, check, or debit/credit card, or calling and paying with a debit/credit card over the phone. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards.
  •  What if I want to get out of my contract?
    The contract that you sign is a legally binding contract, which means that you can be held to the terms of the contract for the entire contract period. Please read the contract carefully before signing.
  •  Do I have to live in the residence halls?
    Single students under 21, and with less than 60 hours of college work completed are required to live on campus. Students who live off campus without specific permission from the University are subject to disciplinary action including responsibility for all back charges for room and board incurred while living off campus.
  •  Can I sign a one semester housing contract?
    Housing contracts are for the full academic year.
  •  If I cancel my housing contract, will I get a refund?
    If you are approved to get out of your housing contract, you will be charged on a pro-rated basis. You are not considered to be completely checked-out of your room until all of the proper paperwork has been completed and all of your belongings are removed from your room.
  •  How do I get a Student ID?
    New students can pick up their ID at the Card Office, Brown Hall, room 242.
  •  What is my ID good for?
    Your ID is used for almost everything on Tech's campus. You can use it to get into most athletic events for free, it is your DCB card, you use it to get a meal at the cafeteria (if you have a meal plan), you use it to get into SAB (Student Activities Board) events, you will need it any time you make a transaction at the Student Accounts Office, and you can use it to get a discount at several Russellville businesses.
  •  Does my Baswell room have a view of the football field?
    Rooms 320-325, 420-430, and 520-530 have a view of the football field.