Funding Sources

Arkansas Tech University Internal Grants

The links below lead you to information, and in some cases searchable databases, about agencies, organizations, and foundations that provide support for research. Although each of the links below may prove beneficial in finding support, there are two specifically which would be excellent starting points if you do not already have a funding source in mind: The National Science Foundation and Grants.Gov.

External Resources
National Science Foundation (NSF)

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has an electronic writing and submission process called FastLane that is designed to speed up the submission and approval process for NSF grants. Arkansas Tech University is an authorized participant in FastLane. In order to use FastLane, the proposal developer must be added to the FastLane database and a password must be assigned. Linda Johnson, Budget Director, has responsibility for oversight of FastLane on behalf of Arkansas Tech University. If you are planning on submitting a grant to the NSF using FastLane, contact Ms. Johnson at so that you can be added to the database.


For all grants that involve salary money, matching funds, or indirect costs, contact Ms. Johnson before the grant budget is finalized in the proposal.