Institutional Review Board 

The links below provide information regarding the use of human subjects in research.  Any institution participating in research or sponsored programs must have an approval process in place for the use of human subjects.  Dr. Jason Warnick, is currently functioning as chair of the Institutional Review Board.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for applications to be reviewed. Applications submitted within the first seven days of the month will be reviewed by the end of the month. If the IRB committee has any questions or concerns regarding the proposal the approval process may take longer than usual.   

IRB Policies & Procedures

Application for Review of Human Participants

Informed Consent Form

Faculty Cover Letter

Institutional Review Board
Supernumerary Group: Dr. Mona Chadwick Scott, 
College of Business:  Dr. Jack Tucci, 
College of Engineering & Applied Sciences:  Dr. Peter Chen, 
College of Natural and Health Sciences:  Mrs. Lisa Harless,
College of Education:  Dr. Tim Carter,
College of Arts and Humanities:  Dr. Jason Warnick, Chair, 
Vice-President for Academic Affairs Appointee:  Dr. Merlin Mann, 

Community Member, Superindendent of the Russellville School District: Mrs. Alene Bynum