Arkansas Center for Energy, Natural Resources, and Environmental Studies (ACENRES)


The grant solication for 2015-16 is now open. The deadline for applications is September 18, 2015.

ACENRES is an organization dedicated to the advancement of research and education in the areas of energy, natural resources, and the environment.

ACENRES will promote faculty research in these focus areas and in disciplines that support them, with an emphasis on involvement of undergraduate students. This will be done by staff members of ACENRES conducting research in the particular areas of their own expertise and by providing funds to other ATU faculty who conduct research related to the Center's mission. This will also be accomplished through lending of Center expertise and equipment to ATU research investigations. ACENRES will also publicize departmental and individual expertise within the Tech community related to the scope of the Center's mission.

We now have five different programs available:

  1. Faculty Research Grant Program - This program is our traditional faculty research grant program. Funding will include faculty salary/benefits for Summer I, student labor, supplies, travel, and other services.
  2. Internship-To-Partnership Program - This program will provide funding to facilitate long-term, ongoing partnerships with external organizations. Funding will include student labor monies for up to 2 years (depending on internal funding), during which time the faculty sponsor and external organization work toward creating a permanent partnership.Funds in the form of overloads will also be provided to the faculty mentor.
  3. Intensive Summer Research Program -This program will provide funds for two students and a faculty member to work closely together on an intensive project during Summer I. Funding will include a stipend for each student, salary monies for the faculty member, and travel/supplies funds.
  4. Community-Based Research Program -This program will provide funds for students to work on projects that are considered a direct benefit to the community. It is intended that these projects will typically have a community partner and involve multiple students. Funds will be provided for one primary research student, while other students work on the project for research experience. Funds in the form of overloads will also be provided to the faculty mentor.
  5. Equipment Grant Program - This program will provide faculty members the opportunity to purchase research equipment not normally available with departmental funds.


Use the following links to download the forms with instructions on how to apply for all programs.

Note that this will be the only grant offering this academic year. You may submit a proposal for multiple programs, but each must be independent.Questions about ACENRES or previously funded projects? Visit our website or contact the Director, Dr. Jason Patton, (479)968-0676.