Schedule Changes for Distance Learners and Night Students

Adding, Dropping, and Changing Sections
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After the Semester has Begun
(follow the standard steps for schedule changes before the semester begins)

Schedule changes can only be made in the Registrar's Office once the semester begins, and are subject to a $10 course change fee.

These procedures apply only to Distance Learners and Night Students.

Distance Learners are those enrolled in web-based classes only, or off-location classes that do not meet on the Tech campus.

Night Students are those whose classes all meet after 5:00 PM, and who are unable to be on the Tech campus during normal office hours.

Schedule Change Steps:

  1. Log into OneTech and select the Student tab.
  2. Click Registration Status to check student registration eligibility and total earned hours. Confirm the correct major is shown (if not, complete and submit a Change of Major form).

    NOTE:  Students with holds must contact the appropriate office and resolve the hold prior to making registration changes.
  3. The student will submit their request for schedule change by either:
      1. faxing, or emailing an image or PDF file via their OneTech account, a completed and signed Add/Drop form to their advisor. The advisor wil then sign and fax/email the PTR to the Registrar's Office for processing. Or,
      2. sending an email request, via their OneTech account, to their advisor containing: a) the student's full name and T-number, and b) the CRN, Subject, Course/Section numbers, and indication of adding or dropping for each course to be changed. The advisor wll then complete an Add/Drop form, and fax/email it with the student's email to the Registrar's Office for processing.

        The completed Add/Drop form must be received by the Registrar's Office by 5:00 PM on the last day to register/add classes.

        :  If changing sections only, the advisor's signature is not required; the student will submit the otherwise completed Add/Drop form to the Registrar's Office for processing.

        NOTE:  Course section numbers may indicate unusual course characteristics, such as meeting at a location other than the Russellville campus, or a mixed technology class that is web-based and occasionally meets on campus.  Refer to Section Numbers Decoded for more information.

        NOTE:  Students enrolling in web-based courses can visit eTech for eLearning resources and important course-related information.
  4. Check the class schedule; it is the student's responsibility to verify the registration has been completed accurately, so it is recommended that students print a copy of their class schedule for their records.  Students may view their schedule by selecting Student Schedule, which is listed under Registration Tools.  Refer to Building Abbreviations for helpful information and a link to the campus map.
  5. Pay charges and/or confirm financial settlement according to Fee Payment Policy.  Visit the Student Accounts website for information concerning cost, payment, and obtaining Tech IDs, and the Financial Aid website for more information on loans/grants/scholarships/etc.

Important information: Students who have enrolled in classes but decide not to attend Tech must officially withdraw from classes.  See Withdrawing for more information.