Ceremony Information

Each ceremony will be approximately one hour in length and will proceed as follows:

The academic procession will begin promptly at the designated hour, and will mark the start of the commencement ceremony.  Members of the graduating class will proceed to the reserved seating on the Coliseum arena floor; your faculty usher will direct you to the appropriate seating.  As you reach your row of chairs, be sure to walk to the end of the row and fill in all seats (do not skip any seats), and be seated immediately.  Once everyone has entered the coliseum, you will be asked to stand for The National Anthem and invocation (men will remove their caps for this).

Presentation of Candidates
The Vice President for Academic Affairs will present the candidates for the various degrees to the President, and the President will deliver the conferral remarks.  The candidates will then be asked to rise and approach the stage for diploma presentation.

Candidates, you will:

  1. walk in line to the right side of the stage;
  2. hand your Name Announcement Card to the Dean to announce your name;
  3. wait for the Dean to say your name, then
  4. walk across the stage to receive your diploma cover while you
  5. have your commemorative picture taken;
  6. exit the stage to the left (continue walking on towards the photographer, towards your row);
  7. and return directly to your seat (personnel from the Registrar's Office will be at your row to direct you).

Arkansas Tech University is one of the very few schools that still honors that proud tradition of announcing the name of each individual graduate; so that the family / guests of each graduate can hear the name of their loved one, please ask your friends and family members to restrain from yelling, clapping, or making any other noise until the names of all graduates have been read.  At that time we will pause the ceremony to allow time for adequate applause and cheers.

NOTE:  The use of horns and noise makers are prohibited during the ceremony; any audience member who uses such a device will be immediately escorted from the coliseum and prohibited from the ceremony.

The ceremony will conclude with a formal recessional led by the platform party, followed by the graduates, and lastly faculty .  Your faculty usher will direct your exit from the arena floor and coliseum.



Graduates will report to section G of Tucker Coliseum with your Name Announcement Card at least 30 minutes prior to your ceremony time.  Directional signs will be posted to assist you in locating your college assembly point and place in line.  Personnel from the Registrar's Office will be located in the hallways and on the arena floor to assist you throughout the ceremony.  Family members and guests will also enter the Coliseum through the front entrance, but will not be permitted in the corridor beginning with section G.

Graduates Arriving Late
Graduates arriving after the start of the ceremony should proceed immediately to the Ticket Office to pick up the Name Announcement Card (if necessary), then locate Registrar's Office personnel to assist you with seating.  You will be seated in the next available seat, which may not be located with your college.

Proper Attire
Academic Regalia shall be worn by all graduates during the ceremony; contact the Bookstore for ordering information.  The academic regalia will consist only of the cap and gown.  Student's tassels will be worn on the right side of their cap.  No decorations, writings, necklaces, pins, braids, or items other than the Arkansas Tech University Honors gold cord and University Honors Program medallion are to be worn on the academic regalia.

Suggested attire for women includes:

Suggested attire for men includes:

Ceremony Etiquette

Emergency Medical assistance will be located in the north entrance of the Coliseum.  Assistance will also be available through University Police Officers (479-968-0222), who will be stationed in Tucker Coliseum before and during the ceremonies.

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