Curriculum Forms
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Curriculum Proposals

Curriculum proposals are due in the Registrar's Office no later than July 1 of each year.  This allows for timely submission of the proposals through the change process.  For more information, please see the Curricular Approval Process Appendix in the Faculty Handbook.

Curricular Approval Process

 Course Addition

 Program Addition

 Examples(coming soon)

 Course Change

 Program Change or Deletion

 Departmental Support

 Course Deletion

Required ADHE Submissions
(Program Additions, Changes, & Deletions)

Cosmetic Changes

For Cosmetic Course changes, complete the Cosmetic Course Change form; for Cosmetic Program changes, complete the Cosmetic Program Change form.  Form should be emailed by the department head to Tammy Weaver in the Registrar’s Office at

A summary will be posted on the Curriculum web site of all requested cosmetic changes.  The Office of Academic Affairs, and all departments, will review the changes and notify the Registrar’s Office of any objections to the requested changes.  If no objections, The Office of Academic Affairs will update the catalog.

 Cosmetic Course Change

 Cosmetic Program Change

 Departmental Support


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