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Early Childhood Education

The Associate of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE) has been approved as an online degree program by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. This is an ideal program of study for students who wish to prepare for careers in child development, child care, or other early childhood service organizations.  The degree is structured to provide a seamless acquisition of academic requirements for various career levels in occupations related to child care and early childhood education in the public and private sectors.  With the courses online, students are allowed the opportunity to work while obtaining their degree.

Requirements for the degree have been designated in keeping with current research and theory in early childhood education.

Program Objectives

Specific Program Competencies

Upon completion of the AS Degree in Early Childhood Education, students will be able to:


Career Opportunities

Careers in the field of early childhood care and education are plentiful.  Types of jobs include, but are not limited to:

    Child care center teacher
    Child care center aide
    Head Start teacher
    Head Start assistant teacher
    Preschool teacher
    Owner/director of child care center
    In home parenting teacher
    Family home child care provider
    Nanny—live-in or live-out

Salaries vary widely according to job, education, training, and location.  In addition to salary, benefits may include insurance, retirement plans, and college tuition reimbursement.  Other benefits include the intangibles such as hugs, sticky finger prints, smiles, and knowing that you are “touching the future” by working with children.

Skills Needed

Persons working in jobs in the early childhood care and education field need to be knowledgeable about how children grow, develop, and learn.  They also need to be aware of how to plan activities to enhance children’s learning.  Persons working in this field need to love the job, like children, have a good handle on stress management, be able to laugh often, and be able to lift at least 50 pounds. Working with children requires creativity, endurance, energy, and enthusiasm.

For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Mary Ann Rollans, Dean
Lake Point Conference Center at Arkansas Tech University
61 Lake Point Lane
Russellville, AR 72802
(479) 968-0234