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The Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) is primarily a degree-completion program targeting individuals who have completed an associate of applied science degree, other associate degrees, certificates, and community college programs. The curriculum provides a specific knowledge base, skills, and competencies to assist persons in the workforce in their efforts toward job progression and career advancement.

The degree is designed to provide the student maximum diversity when making career decisions and a broader understanding of what is required of a professional working in highly specialized technical and service industry positions. The curriculum is structured to offer a program of study which can be tailored to meet the variety of professional development and career enhancement needs of students and their current or prospective employers.

Students may select one of the following concentration areas: Agricultural Business, Applied Leadership, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Information Technology, Interdisciplinary Studies, or Public Relations. Equivalencies for selected courses in these concentration areas may be considered as the student works with an advisor to develop an individual plan of study. The degree will follow the same guidelines as all other bachelor's degrees in requiring 120 total hours, 35 hours of general education coursework and a minimum of 40 hours of upper division courses.

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