Advisory Committee on Presidential Search

Presidential Search Advisory Committee Agreement

Leigh Whiteside of Russellville was selected by her fellow Arkansas Tech University Board of Trustees members to serve as chairperson for the Advisory Committee on Presidential Search. She is an Arkansas Tech alumna, retired educator and member of the Arkansas Tech Board of Trustees since 2008.

Whiteside will lead a committee representing students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community as they aid in the process to identify a successor for Dr. Robert C. Brown, who has served as Arkansas Tech president since July 1, 1993.

The following individuals will serve on the Advisory Committee on Presidential Search:

Trustees appointed Thomas Pennington to serve as advisor to the committee. Pennington is assistant professor of legal studies, associate vice president and counsel to the president at Arkansas Tech.

Susie Nicholson was appointed by trustees to serve as communications officer and liaison to candidates on behalf of the advisory committee on presidential search. Nicholson is vice president for student services and university relations at Arkansas Tech.