TECH 1001:  Orientation to the University

A course designed to provide information and enhance skills that will enable students to take responsibility for a successful transition to college. The course will expose students to college resources and requirements and promote the development of practical skills for college success.

PHSC 1021:  Physical Science Laboratory (ACTS*:  PHSC 1004 Lab)

An introduction to laboratory experiences in the physical sciences, including physics, chemistry, earth sciences, and astronomy.

PHSC 1013:  Introduction to Physical Science (ACTS*:  PHSC 1004)

An introduction to the natural laws governing the physical world, with emphasis upon the discovery and development of these laws and their effect upon man. Includes topics in physics and chemistry and may include other topics from other disciplines in physical science such as astronomy, meteorology, and/or geology.

PHYS 2000:  Physics Laboratory I (ACTS*:  PHYS 2014/2034 Lab)

An introduction to laboratory experiences in the topics covered in first semester introductory physics.

PHYS 2010:  Physics Laboratory II (ACTS*:  PHYS 2024/2044 Lab)

An introduction to laboratory experiences in the topics covered in seceond semester introductory physics.

PHYS 2014:  Physical Principles I (ACTS*:  PHYS 2014)

A broad survey course emphasizing the understanding of the principles of physics necessary for students not specifically interested in advanced work in physics, chemistry or engineering. Topics include mechanics, heat, sound, wave motion, and fluid mechanics. 

PHYS 2024:  Physical Principles II (ACTS*:  PHYS 2024)

Continuation of PHYS 2014, covering electricity and magnetism, light, relativity, particle physics, and quantum effects.

PHYS 2114:  General Physics I (ACTS*:  PHYS 2034)

(ACTS* course PHYS 2034)Introductory mechanics, heat and thermodynamics, kinetic theory, and sound.  

PHYS 2124:  General Physics II (ACTS*:  PHYS 2044)

Introductory electricity and magnetism, wave motion, optics, and elementary quantum concepts.

PHYS 3003:  Optics

Introduction to geometrical and physical optics.

PHYS 3153:  Solid State Physics

An introduction to the physics governing the crystalline state of matter. Modern theories describing lattice vibrations, energy bands, crystal binding, and optical properties are presented. These ideas are then applied to the understanding of technologically important areas such as superconductivity, doped semiconductors, ferroelectric materials, and photorefractivity.

PHYS 4113:  Advanced Physics Laboratory

An application and investigation of advanced physical topics in the laboratory. Techniques of experimental [engineering] physics, such as computerized instrumentation, vacuum technology, optics, and electron optics will be applied to investigate various areas of advanced physics. Proper data reduction and analysis will be used to yield meaningful measurements. Intended as a culminating course, previous course work is applied to solve problems in the laboratory.


*ACTS refers to the Arkansas Course Transfer System (