A message from Dr. Robert C. Brown Dr.Brown&Mrs.Brown
Arkansas Tech University President
Dear Tech Parents,

Welcome and congratulations on your son's or daughter's decision to attend Arkansas Tech University. Your student is now part of a campus that is committed to academic achievement and excellence.

 During your student's collegiate career, each will have numerous opportunities to explore coursework, interpersonal relationships, foreign study programs, guest lectures, festivals, residence hall and sporting events. Not only do we want to provide academic opportunities for your student,
we want them to feel a sense of connection with Tech and the Russellville area so it becomes their home away from home.

 The next few months will be a time of adjustment
for you as parents and your student. Perhaps this is the first time that your student has to rely on their own judgment, or make their own daily decisions. No one is going to clean their rooms or make sure they're up for the inevitable 8 a.m. class. While your student has been taught self-reliance and self-discipline, they may struggle a bit. This is completely normal.

 As parents, we realize it is difficult to watch your child confront college life and expectations. But, college is a time of change. This is the time when your student must learn how to solve their own problems and obligations. Does this mean that you should be uninvolved in your student's life? Absolutely not. We encourage you to be an active part of your student's life experiences and to visit the Tech campus as often as possible.

 In realization of our parents' wishes and expectations to be involved in their student's academic career, we are developing the Tech Parent Association. It is our goal to keep our parents informed and updated with campus information and functions. Don't be afraid to ask questions or for additional information. Again, we welcome you to the Tech family. We think you will be impressed and proud of the opportunities and accomplishments offered to your student.
Robert Charles and Jill Brown
Arkansas Tech University President and First Lady