Registration Information

Please review your student schedulepriorto attending your first course.Course locations and meeting times can change from the time you have registered for the course. Pay attention especially to start and end dates of the course. If the course dates are not full term, the course is a condensed course and has different attendance, registration, drop, and refund dates.

Federal regulations for financial aid require attendance (physical attendance, submission of an assignment, OR completion of the Blackboard Attendance Accounting module) in all registered courses; if you fail to attend prior to the attendance date for a course, you will be dropped for non-attendance. There is no reinstatement when dropped for non-attendance; there are no exceptions to this policy.

Early Registration

Early Registration is for currently enrolled students based on the number of credit hours earned prior to the start of the current semester. Students must consult with their advisor before registering for classes. An appointment schedule will be posted on/near the advisor's office door. Distance learners/night students must contact their advisor in order to discuss the process for registration. Students will either be registered in classes by their advisor or the advisor may elect to provide a student registration code allowing the student to register in classes using the OneTech portal.Early registration for summer and fall 2015 will take place:75+ earned hours: April 6-830 74 earned hours: April 9-1315 29 earned hours: April 14-1614 or fewer earned hours: April 17-22Open Registration (All) begins April 23.

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