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Arkansas Tech University – Ozark Campus OTA New Graduates (NG*) results for
January – December 2013


Your School Candidate Results

Total Number of NG testing


Total Number of NG passing (% passing)

13 (100%)

Total Number of NG failing (% failing)

0 (0%)

Total Score Average


Average Passing score


Average Failing score


*NG = Candidates testing within one year of graduation, regardless of the number of attempts on the examination.

Data for this report was prepared to the new ACOTE standard A5.6

  1. Data were calculated on all NG candidates who took the exam in 2013. NG candidates who failed the exam in 2013, but who still had or have NG status through 2014 were not included in the calculation. The pass/fail status of these candidates will be recorded on the 2014 annual report.
  2. NG candidates who first took the exam in 2012 whose fail status was recorded as an FTNG on the 2012 reports per the ACOTE reporting standard at that time, and who retook the exam in 2013 were included on the NG 2013 report.