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Points about Assessment Focus Visit:

Definition of Assessment:

Continuous improvement of and commitment to student learning through clear statements
of student learning outcomes, explicit measures of those outcomes, established criteria
for success, and methods for how the results will be used to improve the program and
make changes to increase student learning

Assessment of student learning at Tech is based on Student Learning Outcomes (see
attached student learning outcomes for programs at Ozark)

Most important feature of assessment is “closing the loop,” or using results to make
improvements and decisions

Changes made at Tech as a result:

Hiring of Director of Institutional Research and Assessment
Focus on retaining students, especially after the first year
Restructuring of Assessment Committee
Ongoing departmental and program assessments of student learning
Implementation of a planning and reporting cycle
Mini-grants awarded to faculty and staff for assessment projects

Assessment Committee at Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus

Members: Pat McCreary, Stan Hatcher, Kathy Shaffer, Debra Wofford, Eva Spurgin,
Jo Blondin (chair)

Primary Goal: Educate ourselves first and involve faculty and staff beginning in Fall 04

Process at Ozark:

Selection of Committee
Educational Meetings for Committee
Presentation/Workshop for ATU-Ozark faculty on HLC/North Central
Syllabi workshop and identification of program outcomes
Explanation of and exercise on the Levels of implementation
Curriculum review and alignment with ATU faculty
Identification of criteria for success and multiple measures
Reporting cycle aligned with ATU-Russellville

Statement of Assessment in Tech Catalogue:

“Assessment is conducted university-wide to measure student progress toward
educational goals, to improve teaching and learning, and to evaluate institutional

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