Recent Awards

Congratulations to the following people for recieving funding awards!


Lucy Jones (grant writer) and Jill Hendricks, Director of Upward Bound

Received $257,500 from the Department of Education for Upward Bound


Regina Olson, ATU – Ozark Adult Education Director

Received $538,847 from the Arkansas Department of Career Education


Debra Fithen (grant writer), former Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

Received $600,000 from ANCRC for the renovation of Williamson Hall, Phase II


Dr. Newton Hilliard, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Received $20,000 from AR INBRE, made possible by NIH funding, for a shared instrumentation grant

Received $10,000 from Burroughs Wellcome Fund for a collaborative research travel grant


Dr. Mariusz Gajewski, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Received $32,603 from AR INBRE for a summer research project


Dr. Efosa Idemudia, Associate Professor of Business Data Analytics

Received Fellowship in Nigeria in summer 2017 from the Carnegie Corporation of New York


Dr. Muhammad Khan, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Received $1,000 from Arkansas Academy of Science for an undergraduate research grant


Jessica Pipkins, ATU-Ozark Johnson County Adult Ed Instructor

Recieved $734 from the Johnson County COmmunity Foundation for GED testing.


Dr. Geoffrey Ecker, Assistant Professor of Biology

Recieved $60,000 from the Environmental Defense Fund to perform research on nitrogen management products and desicion support tools. 


Luke, Heffley, Education Counselor 

Recieved $1,200 from the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History to provide World War I education programs at the ATU library. 


Dr. Jessica Young, Assistant Professor of Physics

Recieved $1,996 from the Jonathan Reichert Foundation for lab equipment and $14,300 from the Academy of Applied Science for the Arkansas Junior Science and Humanities Symposium


Vic Dreier, Project Lead the Way State Affiliate Director

Received a combined total of $33,250 from AR STEM Coalition to support “Excellence in STEM,” “Girls Leadership Conference,” and “STEM Leadership for Girls”


Dr. Rajib Choudhury, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Received $1625 from ADHE SURF to support “Design and Synthesis of Amphiphilic Long-wavelength Fluorophores”   


Dr. Ashuri, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Dr. Mostafa Hemmati, Professor of Physics

Received $2700 from NASA ASGC to support “A Novel Discrete Interpolation Approach for High Fluctuating Stochastic Field Variable”


Dr. Mostafa Hemmati, Professor of Physics

Received $2300 from NASA ASGC to support “Lightning Return Strokes”


Dr. Aboozar Mosleh, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Received $8037 from NASA RID to support “Extreme Environment High Speed Electronics”


Dr. Aaron McArthur, Assistant Professor of History

Received $3,350 from Arkansas Community Foundation for iPads and kiosks for the Museum 


Pete Kelly, Instructor of Health and Physical Education

Received $2,500 worth of archery equipment from Arkansas Game and Fish


Dr. Rebecca Burris, Head and Professor of Nursing

Received $135,199 from Blue Cross Blue Shield for Nursing equipment which includes lab updates, Pyxis MedStation and SimNewB