Recent Awards

Congratulations to the following people for recieving funding awards!


Jessica Pipkins, ATU-Ozark Johnson County Adult Ed Instructor

Recieved $734 from the Johnson County COmmunity Foundation for GED testing.


Dr. Geoffrey Ecker, Assistant Professor of Biology

Recieved $60,000 from the Environmental Defense Fund to perform research on nitrogen management products and desicion support tools. 


Luke, Heffley, Education Counselor 

Recieved $1,200 from the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History to provide World War I education programs at the ATU library. 


Dr. Jessica Young, Assistant Professor of Physics

Recieved $1,996 from the Jonathan Reichert Foundation for lab equipment and $14,300 from the Academy of Applied Science for the Arkansas Junior Science and Humanities Symposium


Vic Dreier, Project Lead the Way State Affiliate Director

Received a combined total of $33,250 from AR STEM Coalition to support “Excellence in STEM,” “Girls Leadership Conference,” and “STEM Leadership for Girls”


Dr. Rajib Choudhury, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Received $1625 from ADHE SURF to support “Design and Synthesis of Amphiphilic Long-wavelength Fluorophores”   


Dr. Ashuri, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Dr. Mostafa Hemmati, Professor of Physics

Received $2700 from NASA ASGC to support “A Novel Discrete Interpolation Approach for High Fluctuating Stochastic Field Variable”


Dr. Mostafa Hemmati, Professor of Physics

Received $2300 from NASA ASGC to support “Lightning Return Strokes”


Dr. Aboozar Mosleh, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Received $8037 from NASA RID to support “Extreme Environment High Speed Electronics”


Dr. Aaron McArthur, Assistant Professor of History

Received $3,350 from Arkansas Community Foundation for iPads and kiosks for the Museum 


Pete Kelly, Instructor of Health and Physical Education

Received $2,500 worth of archery equipment from Arkansas Game and Fish


Dr. Rebecca Burris, Head and Professor of Nursing

Received $135,199 from Blue Cross Blue Shield for Nursing equipment which includes lab updates, Pyxis MedStation and SimNewB