Sponsored Programs

Office of Sponsored Programs and

University Initiatives (OSPUI)

The Office of Sponsored Programs and University Initiatives (OSPUI) supports Arkansas Tech University faculty and staff in securing external funding for research and collaboration projects. The OSPUI aims to offer expertise in grant administration and provide a clear avenue for the submission process. Office responsibilities include:

  • Assist in finding external funding
  • Assist in grant budget creation
  • Review and approve proposal
  • Provide technical support for electronic submission programs
  • Maintain IRB and IACUC protocols
  • Coordinate the Interdisciplinary Research Program
  • Connect ATU faculty and staff with university and community partners
  • Develop policies and procedures to ensure agency compliance
  • Provide grant writing training and professional development
  • Locate and provide upcoming project opportunities

Our office and website are currently under construction. Thank you for your patience as we continue our improvements.

Recent Awardees

Dr. Jessica Young

Assistant Professor of Physics

Recieved $1,996 from the Jonathan Reichert Foundation for lab equipment and $14,300 from the Academy of Applied Science for the Arkansas Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

Dr. Rajib Choudhury

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Received $1625 from ADHE SURF to support “Design and Synthesis of Amphiphilic Long-wavelength Fluorophores”

Dr. Ashuri

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering


Dr. Mostafa Hemmati

Professor of Physics

Received $2700 from NASA ASGC to support “A Novel Discrete Interpolation Approach for High Fluctuating Stochastic Field Variable”

Dr. Mostafa Hemmati

Professor of Physics

Received $2300 from NASA ASGC to support “Lightning Return Strokes”

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