Software and Hardware


Music Notation
Compose music with computer or MIDI input and playback.

Harmonic/Melodic/Rhythmic Aural Training
Aurally and/or visually respond to music theory drills.    

Looping software (ACID, Rebirth, Reason) creates digital audio tracks from prerecorded loops or creates new loops.

Sound editing software (Sound Forge) cuts, pastes, manipulates digital sound and records from analog or digital sources.

Sequencing software (Sonar) produces, edits, and remixes digital tracks.

Accompaniment Creation
Compose accompaniments in predetermined styles.

Marching Band Drill Design
Create and animate drills graphically.

Music Scoring/Graphic Recognition
Scan a score (sheet music) and then manipulate and/or print it.

Music Education/Appreciation
Information on music instruments for orchestration and recognition; elementary ear training; elementary form and analysis.




18 Dell Optiplex 745 Core 2 Duo processors, CD-RW/DVD drives, 19 in. flat screen monitors.


Video Playback

Audio Playback