Practica Musica

This tutorial is for the ear training program called "Practica Musica." The program is a series of drill and practice exercises to help with melodic, chordal, and rhythmic ear training.

After double clicking the Practica Musica icon on the desktop, choose “Visitor.”

Choose your activity under the Activities menu. Any activity that has “ear training” after it will play examples for you to identify, e.g., “Chord Progression Ear Training.”

Choose the level of activity you want to practice. e.g., Activity 8 “Interval Ear Training” Level 2 “Filling in the octave”

Make sure that the tower is on, the channel is set to “PC” (top right of tower), the toggle switch is set to “Computer Direct” (bottom center), and the volume is at a decent level.

If you still can't hear anything, make sure the settings under “Options” (see Menu bar) then “Sound Options” then “Choose Synth and MIDI devices” are as follows:

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