About the Music Lab

The Music Lab is open to the entire Tech community, offering incredible digital music capabilities. Patrons can compose, print, playback, and record original music electronically; digitize analog recordings; develop aural skills through interactive programs; create marching band drills; edit and burn existing digital music; as well as listen to and watch multimedia titles. Usage of the Music Lab remains extensive, averaging 29,000 patron visits per academic year.

The Music Lab houses the library's multimedia collection of over 6000 audio titles primarily on CD and LP, and over 4000 video titles on DVD and VHS.

The Music Lab opened in 1999 with the new Pendergraft Library & Technology Center. The lab has 17 networked PC workstations, 1 Macintosh, and a projection system. The Control Room contains 2 PCs, a laser printer, a scanner, and a Media Tower that allows distribution of media to any combination of student workstations.