Steve Zimmer

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Math Specialist

Javier Taylor

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 Science Specialist

Karron Watts

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B.S., Physical Science Area of Concentration (physics, chemistry, mathematics) M.A., Science Education (chemistry & physics)   B.A. Mathematics

M.A.T. Mathematics
Curriculum Development   B.A., Education (elementary education) MEd, (special education and science)   Contact hours are between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Post-grad. studies, Educational Administration and Chemistry; Certified for secondary and district level administration 20 years secondary  public science teaching experience   Experienced with Adobe PageMaker, MS Word, Visio, Paintbrush, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint Applications of technology  using mathematics and physics   14 years public elementary teaching experience Member of National Faculty   If you want to register for a scheduled workshop or activity sponsored by the MSI; or,
8 years post secondary experience (Chemistry Laboratory Supervisor, Arkansas Tech University) Experienced in hazardous material management and laboratory safety   Teaching experience in Algebra II, Algebra III Math Coach for Algebra I and Geometry   Certified Facilitator for Project Wet; Project Wild; Project Learning Tree; Healthy Water & Healthy People     If you have questions related to a scheduled workshop, contact Linda.
STARLAB Portable Planetarium Trainer GEMS Trainer;

Tfas Instructor for Texas Instruments

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