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Chemical Stockroom Safety
Safety is of prime concern to all science teachers.  To ensure that the chemical storage facility that schools have is  safe and well organized, Steve Zimmer will come to any school to inspect your chemical storage. 
Recommendations will be made as to the arrangement of the stored chemicals.  If desired, the storeroom can be completely re-organized.  Since it is expected that the teacher in charge of the chemical storeroom will be assisting the inspector the entire time, it is highly recommended that no students be present.  The work could be performed on a district professional day or during the summer.  It is also strongly suggested the science teacher(s) responsible for the chemical storeroom be present and work along side with Mr. Zimmer.
Individual chemicals will be inspected as to their condition and appropriateness for the school setting.  Recommendations will be made concerning removal of undesirable reagents from the stockroom.
Recommendations concerning disposal of unwanted chemicals will also be made.  A complete listing of those chemicals recommended for removal will be prepared and sent to the school.
The charge for the service is $50 per hour at the school plus travel expenses (mileage + meals + lodging, if necessary).
If you are interested in this service, please contact Steve Zimmer.
PLEASE NOTE:   The Math & Science Institute  CANNOT remove unwanted chemicals from your school.   You will be given information concerning proper chemical waste disposal.
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