Fall 2002, Vol. 1 No. 2   

Past Issue

The Declining Need For Traditional Performance Measures in JIT Practices
Azmi Ahmad, Southern Arkansas University
Satish Mehra, University of Memphis
Mark Pletcher, Southern Arkansas University 

An Analysis of the Learning Techniques of Students in an On-line Course Management Environment
Linda Bean, Arkansas Tech University
Bill Harmon, Arkansas Tech University 
Student Assessment of Virtual Teams in an Online Management Course
Genie Black, Arkansas Tech University
The Debut Of Generation Y In The American Workforce
Gene Cole, Arkansas Tech University
Richard Smith, Arkansas Tech University
Laurie Lucas, Arkansas Tech University 
Incorporating Service Learning into the Business Curriculum
Genie Black, Arkansas Tech University
Student Evaluation Of Instructors:  A Measure Of Teaching Effectiveness Or Of Something Else?
Kevin H. Mason, Arkansas Tech University
Robert R. Edwards, Arkansas Tech University 
David W. Roach, Arkansas Tech University