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Information for Future Students

Why Arkansas Tech?

We are glad that you are interested in applying for admission to Arkansas Tech University. Tech offers students a world-class education in the heart of the United States. We attract some of the brightest students from around the nation and around the world. Our faculty attended prestigious schools such as Rutgers, Berkeley, Stanford and Duke. And our campus is an impressive array of modern buildings.

Tech's student-to-faculty ratio is low, so you'll have more personal attention. Our student body is small enough that its possible to always see a familiar face. The fact that were surrounded by the beautiful Arkansas River Valley and Lake Dardanelle make it all even better.

Academic excellence and personal attention have been a part of Arkansas Tech since the university was established in 1909. Here, you'll benefit from the knowledge of the past and the technology of the future.

Any student who is not a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident of the U.S. is considered an international student. In order to apply for admission to Arkansas Tech University, please proceed to Admission Procedures page.