Arkansas Tech University currently offers two intensive master's degree programs for students interested in earning advanced degrees in education. These programs are organized in cohort groups, with students beginning and finishing together through a specific sequence of courses. The 11-month intensive cohort programs are offered in the Master of Education in Instructional Technology and the Master of Art in English with the Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) option. These programs are ideal for educational professionals currently teaching who can obtain a one-year sabbatical from their duties to earn an advanced degree.


If you are interested in applying for admission to either of these programs, please contact Mr. Ernest Yang, Academic Advisor and Asian Student Counselor at

有興趣申請此課程者,請逕洽研究所課程顧問暨亞洲學生顧問Ernest Yang。他的電子郵件為

Students from Taiwan and China should contact CFM Educational Services for information on how to apply for admission to these cohort programs. CFM is the only recruiting service authorized to recruit students from Taiwan and China for the master's degree cohort program in Instructional Technology and English with the Teaching English as a Second Language option. CFM Educational Services can be reached by telephone at 510-440-0254, by fax at 510-440-0253 or by email at

臺灣及中國來的學生應向CFM 教育服務機構洽詢有關本課程的入學申請。CFM是招收教學科技教育碩士與專攻英語教學之英語文學碩士唯一經授權之招生機構,其連絡電話為(510) 440-0254、傳真(510) 440-0253,或電子郵件