Important Announcements

No Smoking Policy at ATU Arkansas Tech is now tobacco free on both campuses in Russellville and Ozark. The new policy was adopted by the Arkansas Tech Board of Trustees during their meeting on May 21, 2009. Students who want information about how to end their use of tobacco products are encouraged to contact the Arkansas Tech Health and Wellness Center. The phone number is (479)968-0329.

Illegal Downloading

This is a reminderyou should NEVER download music without paying. It is never acceptable to download any songs free of charge. This is illegal in the United States and is the same as stealing. Programs that offer peer-to-peer file sharing are also illegal, i.e. Limewire. If you currently have Limewire software or any similar program on your computer, please remove this immediately. If you do not know how to remove this software, please contact the Campus Support Center at for assistance.

You should also take a few minutes to read the policy about how to properly use campus computer resources at this website:

This is a very serious situation. If you are downloading music illegally, the chances are very high that you will be tracked by the Recording Industry Association of America. They are monitoring this very closely and charge severe fines, $750 or more per illegal download. You can read more about the RIAA at this website: