About The College of Arts & Humanities



Dr. Jeff Woods is Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities. Dr. Woods has been a history professor at Arkansas Tech since 2000. He served as Head of the History and Political Science Department from 2010 to 2014.

Administrative Specialist

Mrs. Paula Facundus

Mrs. Paula Facundus currently serves as the Administrative Specialist for the Office of the Dean. Prior to her promotion to the Dean's Office, Mrs. Facundus worked as a receptionist in the Office of Admissions and as the administrative specialist for the Department of History and Political Science. Mrs. Facundus worked in the Ola School District before coming to Arkansas Tech University in 2003.

About the College

The College of Arts & Humanities is composed of six departments:

The Department of Art offers degrees in Art Education and Art, with options in the Fine Arts and Graphic Design.

The Department of Behavioral Sciences offers degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and Rehabilitation Science.

The Department of English and World Languages offers degrees in English, English Education, and Creative Writing. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing is one of the few such undergraduate degree programs in the United States. The Department also offers a degree Spanish, as well as Foreign Language Education.

The Department of History and Political Science offers degrees in History, Political Science, Public History, and Social Studies Education, as well as an option in Pre-Law.

The Department of Music offers degrees in Music and Music Education.

The Department of Speech, Theater, and Journalism offers degrees in Journalism, Journalism Education, Speech (with a Theater option), and Speech Education. The College also offers an Associate Degree in General Studies.

On the graduate level the College of Arts & Humanities offers the Master of Arts Degree in English, the Master of Arts Degree in English with TESL Option, the Master of Arts Degree in History, the Master of Arts Degree in Multi-Media Journalism, the Master of Arts Degree in Spanish, the Master of Arts Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, the Master of Liberal Arts, and the Master of Science in Psychology.

The Faculty of the College of Arts & Humanities is made up of 90 full-time faculty, the majority of whom have earned doctorates or other terminal degrees. In addition to teaching, the faculty in the various departments conduct research and attend national meetings in their respective disciplines. They also participate in art shows, concerts, recitals, symphonies, and theatrical productions.

Upon completing their degree programs, Arts & Humanities graduates are successful both in entering the work force and in seeking graduate or professional degrees. Our graduates enter the work force through private business; national, state, and local government; and secondary school certification. Many also successfully enter law school or go on to Masters level graduate programs.