HPS Brown Bag Lunch & Learn Series

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Selected Sessions


11/07/07 Dr. James Moses

"Superheroes at War: Comics, Propaganda, and Youth Culture, 1940 to the Present"

36 Minutes and 9 Seconds

09/05/07 Dr. Charlie Busch

"Do Brains Think?"

32 Minutes and 20 Seconds

05/02/07 Dr. Jan Jenkins

"Victorian Deathbed Scenes and other Ghoulish Pleasures"

34 Minutes and 11 Seconds



02/07/07 Dr. Jeff Mitchell

Contraception, Morals, and Abortion

22 Minutes and 2 Seconds

11/01/06 Dr. Peter Dykema

"Globalization and the Teaching of World History"

30 Minutes and 27 Seconds