CPC Recruitment

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Formal Recruitment

The Panhellenic Council sponsors formal sorority recruitment each year during the fall semester. Formal recruitment is always planned during the first few weeks of the fall semester so it does not interfere with too much of your schoolwork. Recruitment involves a few days of events that allow you to preview sorority life at Arkansas Tech. 

Recruitment is an exciting and fun experience that allows you to make new friends with both your recruitment group and the chapters you visit. We urge you to consider the recruitment process as a way of becoming a member of the Greek community. We hope you keep an open mind about all our chapters. Look at what each sorority has to offer and what makes it stand apart from the others. After all, together we share a common goal. 

Spring Recruitment

Sorority recruitment is informally structured each spring. Each sorority has different dates and length for when it conducts recruitment. At the beginning of the spring term, the Panhellenic Council will sponsor a sorority informational that allows you to learn about which sororities may be conducting spring recruitment. We recommend contacting the chapters that interest you. Please keep in mind that not all chapters participate in spring recruitment.

Please complete a Greek Life Interest Form if you would like more information.