"Arkansas Tech University is a public institution. Why would it need private support?"

The state share of the university's budget is shrinking even as Tech seeks to become the "university of choice" in the state of Arkansas. To attain this goal, we must be able to compete with industry and other universities and colleges for the brightest scholars and best students.

Whether it's a transformational gift to name a college or building, an endowment to establish a scholarship for a student with financial need, or an unrestricted gift to the University's Greatest Need, giving to Arkansas Tech is a rewarding experience and makes a difference at any level.

As a donor, you receive the satisfaction of impacting this university. Your gifts help students afford an opportunity to reach their fullest potential, assist faculty members in enhancing their teaching capabilities and enrich the opportunities available to the broader community. Giving also allows you to make a personal connection with a program that has special meaning for you.

The effect of giving is twofold: not only can you make a difference in the lives of others, but you can also fulfill your own philanthropic passions.

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