Fisheries and Wildlife Faculty

Six full-time fisheries faculty members work with students in the Fisheries and Wildlife Program at Arkansas Tech University. For information on the classes they teach, their expertise, e-mail and other contact information click on a name of the faculty members listed below to go to their home page.

Various faculty in other Programs collaborate on research projects, have complementary areas of expertise, and offer classes of interest to our students. Information on many of these other faculty members and their programs can be found on the Biology, Geology, and Chemistry web pages.

Our Faculty & Staff

Fisheries Faculty

Name/Title Office Phone/Email
Charlie Gagen, Ph.D.
Head- Department of Biological Sciences
Professor of Fisheries Science

McEver 34 D

(479) 964-0814

John Jackson, Ph.D. 
Director- Fisheries & Wildlife Program
Associate Professor of Fisheries
McEver 114

(479) 964-3226

Joe Stoeckel, Ph.D.
Professor of Fisheries
McEver 30A

(479) 964-0852


 Wildlife Faculty

Name/Title Office Phone/Email
Chris Kellner, Ph.D.
Professor of Wildlife Science

McEver 211

(479) 964-0830

Tom Nupp, Ph.D. 
Professor of Wildlife Science
McEver 205

(479) 968-0313

Rachael Urbanek, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Wildlife Science
McEver 39

(479) 964-0825


Name/Title Office Phone/Email

Cindy Dixon                                 Administrative Specialist I

McEver 34E

(479) 968-0294