Dr. Mary Ann Rollans

Dean, Community Education and Professional Development

Dr. David Underwood

Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

Mr. Merrell Shoptaw

Director of Computer Services

Mr. Ken Wester

Director of the Technology Center

Mr. Bill Harmon

William M. Lemley Chair of Business

Mr. David Moseley

Vice-President Admin/Finance

Mr. Herman Luebker

Physical Plant Director

Mr. Gary Dennis

Chief/University Police

Mr. Phillip Covington

Dean of Students/Assoc

Dr. Carolyn Crawford

Director of Student Development

Mr. Marty Sabolo

Associate Dean of Students

Ms. Rita Woolf

Director of Health Services

Ms. Jayne Jones

Vice President of Development

Ms. Susie Nicholson

Assistant to the President

Dr. Willy Hoefler

Department Head of Agriculture

Ms. Judith Stewart-Abernathy

Director/Museum of Prehistory/History

Mr. Stanton Apple

Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Dr. Robert Frasier

Research Scientist, Arkansas Center for Energy, Natural Resources, and Environmental Studies

Mr. Stephen Gann

Physical Science Faculty

Mr. Jonathan Collins

Project Manager/Emergency Administration & Management Program

Mr. Rick Ihde

Emergency Administration & Management Faculty

Mr. Ed Leachman

Emergency Administration & Management Faculty