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Jamie Earls
Interim Graduate Program Director
Dean Hall, Room 107E


Master of Science Degree

Emergency Management & Homeland Security (EMHS)

The Department of Emergency Management at Arkansas Tech University offers a solid background in emergency management skills such as preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. Demand for a skilled work force in emergency management continues to expand in industries, business, and government both locally and nationally. Employers are looking for people who have concentrated in this evolving field. A specialized program has been developed both for existing career professionals and for those planning to enter the profession. The curriculum applies a multidisciplinary approach targeting the principles of emergency management along with state of the art technologies. Courses are flexible allowing a student to arrange a program of study that will serve as a basis for further study or preparation for positions in industry, business or government.

The Master of Science Degree in Emergency Management and Homeland Security balances the conceptual knowledge in emergency management with skill acquisition in crisis management and hazard assessment along with other analytic and management skills. This program is designed to offer graduate students a specialized program of study to serve the educational needs of professionals actively engaged or planning to enter a profession related to the protection of lives, property, and the physical environment of our society. The curriculum focuses on a multidisciplinary approach and targets the principles of preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery in an integrated program of study.

Citizens will benefit from the services of emergency management professionals with this advanced degree in the event of natural or man made disasters. The community will benefit from increased economic stability that results from reduced financial losses in business and industry. Students completing this degree will be prepared to exercise critical judgment, independent thinking, creative initiative, and disciplined inquiry within competency areas related to emergency management. In addition, students completing the graduate degree have demonstrated requisite research skills.

Admissions: The Department of Emergency Management requires the following minimum criteria for admission:

1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college

2. Cumulative grade point average of 3.00

3. Official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended

4. Statement of intent (address career goals, interest in graduate school, research or practicum interest-this is non-binding, interests in emergency management)

5. Resume or vita

6. Reference letters (not from Department of Emergency Management at Arkansas Tech University

7. Other requirements of the Graduate College

Unconditional or Conditional Admission This is established on a committee decision based on examination of transcripts, resume or vita, statement of intent, evaluation form, and reference letters. Conditional Admission may be possible when the grade point average is between 2.5 and 3.0 along with examining other application materials.

All application packages are evaluated by the faculty. The priority date for Fall semester is March 1 and the priority date for Spring semester is October 1. Other applications will considered up to 30 days before the beginning of the semester. The Graduate College requires the following minimum criteria to be admitted to Graduate Study with unconditional admission:

1. Hold an Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college.

2. Have a cumulative grade-point average of 2.5 or a 3.0 on the last 30 hours of undergraduate work or hold a graduate degree from a regionally accredited institution.

3. Request each college or university that they may have attended to send complete official transcripts (undergraduate and graduate) directly to the Graduate School.

4. Meet departmental or program admission requirements. Admission to the university does not guarantee admission to a specific degree program. The University offers a Conditional Admission, Non-Degree Admission, Transient Admission, and Admission for International Students. Check the Graduate Catalog for specific conditions.

Graduate School application is available online:

Send official transcripts, application, and all other materials to:

Graduate School Arkansas Tech University
1507 N. Boulder Avenue Tomlinson 113
Russellville, AR 72802

Reference letters and evaluation forms should be sent directly to the Graduate School by the referees.

Persons interested in further details about the degree should contact the Department of Emergency Management by calling 479-356- 2092 or by e-mail to,