Thesis Research


Fung, Chun Yiu
Is there a Measurable Regional Bias in Students' Understanding of Local Hazard and Risk?



Bailey, J.O.
Integrating a Leadership and Team Building Module in Community Emergency Response Team Training

Wilson, Kathryn Loyd
Psychosocial Curriculum Development for Emergency Management Programs



Lowther, Jessica L.
Application of the Hazus-MH Risk Assessment Tool in Planning for Continuity of Operations

Malone, Jack Brian Malone
Earthquake Response and Recovery to Roadways Using Job Tracking for ArcGIS (JTX)

Flynt, John H.
The Application of a MIMS ICS Compliant Virtual Emergency Operations Center in Regional Emergency Response

Bryant, Holly K.
Perceptions of the Health Effects of Disaster Environment Stress: An Analysis of Male and Female Disaster Workers' Reactions to the Hurricane Katrina/Hurricane Rita Disaster Environment



Sandefur, Bethany N.
An Analysis Of Policies And Procedures Initiated In Arkansas High School Attempting To Mitigate The Problem Of School Bullying