Externship Information

What Is Externship:

Students will enroll in this course and pay the regular tuition and fees in order to obtain credit on their transcripts toward degree requirements. A portfolio will be required to document competencies attained. A minimum of 150 hours of relevant experience must be completed in approved externship opportunities.

Review The Material Provided Below:

Example Course Guide

Externship 101

Portfolio Example

Portfolio Template

Volunteer Form

Externship Rubric

Training Ideas

Training Sign Up Instructions

When To Take Externship:

To Take Externship You Must Have At A Minimum:
  • 60 earned hours
  • 15 EM hours
  • Documentation for at least 120 hours of the 150 minimum required hours
  • Advisor approval
For Questions or Clarification Contact:

Jamie Earls
(479) 880-4046

For Those Interested In Promoting An Available Externship Opportunity:

Tina Phouthavong
(479) 356-2092