If you see fire or smoke in your immediate areaUse the RACE acronym as a guide:

R= Remove anyone in immediate danger. Advise students, staff and visitors to evacuate the building. Evacuate the building via the closest exit doors located away from the fire. Do not use elevators. Assist handicapped individuals to the nearest stairwell landing and advise police and/or firemen of their location. Move well away from the building (300 feet is recommended).

A= Activate the fire alarm. Pull the nearest fire alarm station. Call the Police at 911 or campus police at 479-968-0222 to report the location of the fire/smoke and any other pertinent information. If the call cannot be made safely from the building, call as soon as you find a safe place.

C= Confine and contain. Close all doors as you leave the building. Do not lock the doors.

E= Extinguish. Only if you know the location of a nearby extinguisher and can do so without endangering your safety.

If you hear a fire alarm: